Design Review Committee


The City of Anderson Planning Commission is looking to appoint a member of the public to serve on
the Design Review Committee.

The committee consists of three members:
- Appointment by the Planning Commission.
- A City Public Works Department representative.
- A City Police Department representative.

What the Design Review Committee Does:
The design review committee meets as necessary in order to review all commercial, industrial and
office projects, as well as residential projects for three or more units. Plans which are submitted to the
building division for building permits and which fall under the above-mentioned categories, are
routinely referred to the Director for presentation to the Design Review Committee.

The Design Review Committee meets on the second Wednesday each month at 2:00 PM at City Hall,
1887 Howard Street, Anderson, California. 

If you are interested in seeking appointment to the Design Review Committee, please submit a
letter of interest to the Development Services Department. Letters should be submitted by
September 21, 2022 to be considered for the September 26 th Planning Commission meeting.
Attention: Design Review Committee
1887 Howard Street, 2nd Floor
Anderson, CA 96007

If you would like additional information about the Committee or the design review process, please
contact the Development Services Department at 1887 Howard Street, 2nd Floor, Anderson, CA.
For general information call 530-378-6636 or email at: