Impact Fee Waiver Program

Anderson is a growing community conveniently located along I-5 with vibrant businesses that offer a variety goods and services to over 10,000 residents and regional trade area of 150,000. With a large amount of developable land within City limits zoned for commercial or industrial development, there are abundant opportunities for quality projects to come to fruition.

We understand the value development brings to our community and are prepared to reduce and/or eliminate selected impact fees for new commercial or development projects within the city of Anderson.


  1. TYPE OF DEVELOPMENT: New or the expansion of commercial and industrial business opportunities.
  2. PERMANENCY OF BUSINESS:Project is owner occupied or subject to a long term lease.
  3. JOB CREATION OR SALES TAX REVENUE: Create or retrain jobs that are a good fit for available workforce in Anderson or will increase city sales tax revenue by $20k annually.
  4. LOCATION: The development project site is located in an area of the City where public infrastructure to support the proposed commercial or industrial development exists or in close proximity.
  5. ZONING: Site is currently zoned for type of development sought.
  6. OVERALL REVENUE GENERATION FOR THE CITY: The development will create an increase in assessed valuation and therefore property tax receipts due to the city will increass

Application for fee reduction program made through city manager office and approved by city council.
DOWNLOAD FLYER . MORE INFO: Read the full Resolution adopted by City Council or call Jeff Kiser at 530-378-6646