New City Ordinances

The Anderson Municipal Code is updated annually.  The last update (No. 15) was done June 30, 2017, and included all relevant ordinances through Ordinance No. 808 (Dated June 6, 2017).  Below are links to City Ordinances enacted since the last Municipal Code Update.  Please keep in mind that while they are not yet included in the Municipal Code, they have been enacted and are enforceable.

Ordinance No.  Description


Amending Chapter 8.24 of Title 8 of the Anderson Municipal Code relating to Illegal Dumping


Elevating Penalties in Title 8 of the Anderson Municipal Code from Infraction to Misdemeanor


An Interim Urgency Ordinance to Extend the Duration of Ordinance No. 802, Previously Extended by Ordinance No. 803, of the City of Anderson Under the Authority of Government Code §65858 to Regulate Cultivation and Prohibit the Manufacture, Processing, Laboratory, Testing, Labeling, Storing, Wholesale or Retail Distribution of Non-Medical Marijuana


Amending Chapter 8.17 of the Anderson Municipal Code Regulating Panhandling


Amending Title 17 (Zoning) of the Anderson Municipal Code by Adopting Chapter 17.63 "Water Conserving Landscape Standards" to Implement the Requirements of the Governor's Executive Order of April 1, 2015 (CEO B-29-15) and the State's Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance


Amending Title 17 (Zoning), Section 17.60.030 (Second Units) of the Anderson Municipal Code to Conform with the Requirements of State Law Concerning Accessory Residential Dwelling Units


Amending Title 17 (Zoning), Section 17.72 of the Anderson Municipal Code Regulating Recreational Marijuana Activities in the City of Anderson