New City Ordinances

The Anderson Municipal Code is updated annually.  The last update (No. 16) was done May 8, 2018, and included all relevant ordinances through Ordinance No. 815 (Dated February 20, 2018).  Below are links to City Ordinances enacted since the last Municipal Code Update.  Please keep in mind that while they are not yet included in the Municipal Code, they have been enacted and are enforceable.

Ordinance No.  Description


Regulating Tabacco Use and Possession By Underage Persons within the Anderson City Limits


Amending Chapters 6.04 and 6.28 and adding 6.29 Regulating Dogs within the Anderson City Limits


Adopting a Negative Declaration and Amending the General Plan and the Zone Map by Approving General Plan Amendment 18-01 and Rezoning 18-01


Regulating Recreational Marijuana Activities in the City of Anderson 


Adding Chapter 12.35 - Sidewalk Vending to the Anderson Municipal Code


Amending The Anderson Municipal Code by adding Chapter 8.34 Regulating Trespass on Private Property  in the City of Anderson 


Amending Chapter 8.26 to the Anderson Municipal Code Pertaining to Camping in Public
           823          Amending the Anderson Municipal Code by Adding an Ordinance Regulating the Storage of
                        Personal Property