Public Works


David Durette, PE
City Engineer

(530) 378-6636


The Public Works Department builds and maintains the necessary infrastructure in our daily lives, and provides a variety of services and residents of Anderson.

The Department consists of three divisions, 1) the Engineering & Administration Division, 2) the Streets Division, which includes, Storm Drains, Landscape and Lighting, and Water Systems, 3) the Wastewater Division.

The various Divisions of the Department perform Construction and Maintenance of Streets, Sidewalks, Storm Drains, Traffic Signs, Landscaping, and a Water System that delivers 2 million gallons of quality drinking water daily to City residents. The Department includes the Wastewater Collection and Treatment Division which treats both industrial and residential waste.

Fleet maintenance maintains 94 pieces of equipment including; 18 sedans, 16 light/heavy pick-ups, 4 heavy dump trucks and 29 other light to heavy pieces of equipment and machinery. Duties also include; purchasing vehicles, reports, inventory, order supplies and monitoring contract work.